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This is a brilliant and nigh on full spectrum analysis of the conflation of myriad idiocies and madness that enabled Biden to be shoehorned into place for the awful clown show that will now follow, largely unremarked upon. Let alone resisted.

Your essay is in itself a test , Rorschach or litmus? Both/ and.

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re "The coming tsunami of citizen-led rebellion..."

Wonderful article, and the optimism of the last two paragraphs stirs something wistful and lost that used to live where I kept my politics. But Michael, what does rebellion look like, and how does it form and act, in a world where Parler can be canceled overnight, in which the US president can be deleted from the internet, and no communication is private from the eyes and ears of the state?

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Correction. It was January 6, not January 7

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