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Camille Paglia hit the nail on the head. Freedom of thought, speech, and the press are the primary tenets of the democratic process and governments are decidedly using the "pandemic" to erode this freedom. I think this is the most urgent problem facing humanity. President Xi recently ordered the Chinese people to think like him. President Biden and most of the leadership in the West are sounding like despots. We need voices that will speak out against this fake liberalism that is not liberalism but a masked radical assertion of undemocratic government control. Covid has become a metaphor for dictatorship whether left or right. Seventy to eighty million people died in WWII due to fascism. In 2017, Professor Stephen Kotkin wrote in The Wall Street Journal that communism killed at least 65 million people between 1917 and 2017. We cannot let a virus frighten us more than dictatorship. I support a newsletter that displays the historic foundations of democracy and the rights of the individual in all narratives public and personal. This is true radicalism not group speak.

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1.- sustentability, in all aspects, ecological, economical, political.

2.- To see what's behind the cameras, what's behind the corporate and parties interests.

3.- wide-ranging personal narratives.

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Adding to the others: We need to fix the global supply chains now. Companies can no longer afford dependence on (being at the mercy of) large corporations or countries that prioritize some buyers over others or who aren’t capable of meeting global demands. In terms of national security all countries should implement plans for self sufficiency as a backup plan while exploring other means of getting needs met. For example, interruptions in obtaining semiconductors has ground several industries to a near halt. Breaks in supply chains create: loss of revenue, investments in workers, tax revenues, less exports, closings, less money being spent in the economy, etc etc etc.

Also, The US and other countries using vaccine mandates and health passports which threaten individual liberties is counter-productive to getting economies moving again. The US for one has a failing record concerning the protection of private information of it’s citizenry.

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