What keeps you up at night?

One year of Reimagining Politics on Substack...Please share your thoughts

This newsletter launched one year ago, June 2020, three months into the Covid pandemic, with the first of my six-part Covidnomics series. Like nearly every other topical writer, I’ve been held captive by Covid too much of this time.

In spite of the virus-driven detour, I’ve published 19 articles in 12 months, an average of every 2 1/2 weeks, on a wide range of topics from life in Oaxaca, México to the history and recent closure of the Rock River Canoe Company in Wisconsin.

I am grateful for your support as we’ve groped our way through this historic year, and I want to know more about your reasons for subscribing as we head into year two.

I have three questions and would appreciate your brief keyword answers. Only a few words can speak volumes.

Send your 3 or 4 word responses to michael@reimaginingpolitics.org.

  1. What issue or problem keeps you up at night?

  2. What do you want from an alternative newsletter that you are not getting from mainstream media?

  3. Do you value colorful, wide-ranging stories that can still deliver critical insight?


In this second year my stories will be even more wide ranging, colorful and celebratory of life’s multi-hued, protean diversity. We need smart critical thinking and analysis about politics, economics and culture, but we also need inspiration, humor and occasionally simple entertainment.

The new projects and series that I am working to launch and serialize this year include La Boca del Pueblo (The Mouth of the Village), Meet Me at the Station (Exploring an America that is still on track) and Los Baños (Bathrooms), an ongoing virtual photo exhibition exploring gender and culture through colorful bathroom signs from across the world.

I hope you will share your thoughts, subscribe or renew your subscription and/or give a gift subscription for this second year of Reimagining Politics on Substack.

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