COVIDNOMICS – Series links on 1 page


The regressive financial & social engineering of COVID relief

Because so many of you have asked for the complete six part COVIDNOMICS series to be published in one place, the first four articles are linked here.

I am analyzing the historically regressive financial and social engineering taking place worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, then exploring potential political, economic and social alternatives.

Thank you! I am very grateful for your interest and feedback.

PART 1 – Breaking up with TINA


PART 3 – How COVIDNOMICS works – Liquidity

PART 4 – How COVIDNOMICS works – Labor flexibility, Privatization & IMF Revival

Be sure to check back. This page will be updated as Parts 5 and 6 are published, and a COVIDNOMICS e-book is coming soon for paid subscribers.

During the current virtual US election spectacle, neither party will talk about the nearly medieval reconfiguration of global social and economic life that is taking place under the banner of Covid relief. I will.