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Greetings from Seattle. The degree to which economics pervades society as well as our psyche cannot be underestimated. While it's terrifying to consider that the global economy is essentially based on short-term profit at the expense of everything else, it's down right depressing to think that our basic thoughts and desires have now been commodified into neat little bundles to be surveilled and exploited.

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It is pernicious. In a recently updated edition of his 2010 book, “The Violence of Financial Capitalism,” Italian economic philosopher Christian Marazzi” notes that financial crises are now an inherent feature of wired bio-capitalism and are marked by “a destruction that strikes the totality of human beings, their emotions, feelings, affects, all the ‘resources’ put to work by capital.”

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Brilliant article! To explain the maladies, and really, the dehumanization of modern society without connecting them to the god of free market fundamentalism in its myriad forms, is the epidemy of intellectual myopia-- something that plagues current American thought and discourse.

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