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January 2023

The abandonment of citizenship fuels the rise of a reckless nuclear powered courtier class

December 2022

Fighting the toxic legacy of the Covid pandemic

November 2022

From the pathology of normalcy to the normalization of pathology

October 2022

Preserving memory in a time of epidemic forgetting
Eisenhower's ’thermonuclear revolution’ at work between Russia and the US in Ukraine

September 2022

Today’s authoritarian regime of punitive mass infantilization started 9/11/2001

August 2022

Nuclear fusion, denial of aging, mid-term madness, Fauci and Walensky run for cover, 74 gender identities, treating Covid, a trashy pandemic, fearless…
The fate of American exceptionalism foretold
Civil war, climate derangement, collapse of legitimate leadership, kid's vaxx mania and revenge of the Scarf Lady

July 2022

My encounter with the viral seductress
The Great Unraveling – abortion, kids vaxx, death insurance, Wuhan lies, oily slopes and more